I've always had a craving to make my desktop as useful as possible, while leaving it as uncluttered as possible. A long time ago I moved into the "No icons" zone, and have loved it ever since. I keep my task bar at a minimum, but have my frequently opened programs on it (Web, Music, Games). My libraries can be accessed from the desktop, or start menu, as well as other uncommonly used programs such as Editing tools, recording tools etc.

I've been inspired and driven by many of the LifeHacker featured desktops, and taken bits and pieces from many, with the latest being from Dan Carr's Quiet & Still Desktop.

Here is the wallpaper from Deviantart uploader, SanFranGuy

The programs I use in this setup are:

I've mashed up a few different bits from many different themes in Rainmeter, along with a piece from XWidget, and a slight addition with RocketDock.


Rainmeter Themes:

  • Memento for the bar on the left monitor. Slightly modified to lower the action buttons and lengthen the notes section.
  • Elegance2 for the time and date and the left monitor.
  • Gnometer for the bar and icons on top of the right monitor.
  • PlaySuite for the Library icons on the right monitor.

RocketDock Icons:

  • Socialis colour & background social icons.

XWidget RSS Widget: